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Faith Leaders Coalition 2021 Membership Application

To complete your membership application, please click "Submit" below and follow the link to our PayPal page, where you can pay the $25 annual membership fee (or you can mail a check to the address above).

Please Join the Faith Leaders Coalition:

We are committed to providing fellowship and learning for faith leaders and clergy across Houston, designed to enlarge your impact as you work to build a more just world. Our work raises voices and spirits of people of all faiths and backgrounds. We have heard from our members that the work of Justice can be lonely, and the FLC exists to combat that isolation. We believe that our voices amplify each other into something exponentially more impactful than when we speak alone.  Each year, your membership in the Faith Leaders Coalition allows us to continue to provide these important services. Please fill out the membership application below, so that the contributions of your heart might help us in this transformative work.


Note, when you submit the form below, you will be directed to PayPal, where you can pay your $25 annual dues. You can also mail a check to:

Faith Leaders Coalition of Greater Houston

1302 Waugh Drive #424

Houston, TX 77019


Your membership application will be reviewed once your dues have been received.

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