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FAITH - We celebrate joy in the religious diversity and expression in Houston. We reject discrimination of individuals and/or communities of faith.


HOPE - We celebrate a future where faith communities in solidarity with one another provide hope for a better Houston free from violence and division.


HUMANITY - We celebrate commitment that our faith traditions call us to compassion and obligation to our neighbor.


FAITH, HOPE, and HUMANITY require us to foster healthy partnerships among faith communities and healthy separation and partnerships between church and state for the common good.


In order to build one from many (e pluribus unum) we advocate:


ECONOMIC JUSTICE - We resist a culture of economic exclusion. There is enough for all.


BODY JUSTICE - We believe every person should be able to live fully in the body they have or choose without harm or discrimination based on race or any other separating factors.


ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - We confront the full costs to people and our planet of our practices.


CIVIC JUSTICE - We guard the rights of citizenship including voting, public education, and restorative justice.



DIRECT ACTION-  press releases, emails to legislators, personal contact with legislators, rallies, and a website of actions


CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Festivals


CIVIC ENGAGEMENT - school boards, civic organizations, community organizations

The Faith Leaders Coalition is committed to religious diversity, cultural respect, and advocacy for the people of Greater Houston.
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